Doctrinal Summary

(This is not everything we teach, but summarizes our basic theology)


1. We believe in One God: We Believe in the Holy Trinity: One God in Three Persons


2. We believe in the Only eternally begotten Son of God-Christ Jesus, The Only Messiah and Saviour of the World born of the Blessed Virgin Mary whom we hold as Theotokos.


3. We believe in The Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life and the One who spiritually baptizes and sanctifies humanity. He proceeds from the Father through the Son.


4. We believe all Gifts of the Holy Spirit are active today and available for the uplifting of all true believers.


5. We believe and uphold the teachings of the Ancient Apostolic Fathers held by the universal church of Christ before AD 1054. The Nicene and Apostles creed being the standard. (The first seven ecumenical councils of The ONE Church of Christ). We do not practice Roman Catholicism but adhere to the Eastern Orthodox Catholic faith, the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom or Divine Liturgy, and Bishop approved variations of Eastern liturgies.


6. We believe in the Seven Sacraments as Holy Mysteries of God’s Divine power and healing upon humanity and uphold to the laying of hands. All our priests and bishops are ordained and consecrated under the authority of apostolic succession. We DO NOT ordain to the priesthood nor consecrate as bishops females or those who practice homosexuality.


7. We experience metousiosis (transubstantiation and real presence) of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Eucharist.


8. We believe in and uphold the Sanctity of Life. All Life begins at the moment of conception up to natural death.


9. We believe and uphold the sacredness of Marriage and Family life. Our firm belief is that marriage is a sacramental union of an adult man and an adult Woman who join each other in love out of consent, and to bring forth children. The family is the first unit of the church.


10. We (may) work with the government to create a world of peace, economic empowerment and contribute to local community development through our church programs and prayers, but not at the cost of faithfulness and truths of our faith.